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10 reasons why our digital print impresses on every level

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Ecotricity digitally printed textile wallpaper on curved wall

Digitally printed textile wallpaper for Ecotricity

Create Signs has seen demand for digitally printed graphics increase steadily and it’s no wonder when you consider some of the benefits of high quality digital print

1. Can be used on an amazing variety of substrates including glass, wallpaper, carpet, brick, wood, tarmac, rough cast concrete, walls, steel, canvas and mesh
2. Accurate colour matching for logos and existing paint work
3. Die cut stickers and promotional print items
4. Eye catching banners on durable pvc or canvas
5. Backlit posters and restaurant lightbox menus
6. Removeable digital prints for temporary exhibitions and displays
7. Hard wearing floor graphics for retail and public building interiors
8. Temporary and promotional car park floor graphics
9. Impressive digitally printed wallpaper
10.It’s quick, easy and extremely cost effective!

Written by Create-Signs

October 18th, 2012 at 3:46 pm